Plugin Commands

Info Panel
Description: Opens info panel with FAQ, population, events
Chat Commands:
/info - Shows All Our Info In Game

Remover Tool
Description: Tool that will allow you to remove your constructions/pick up deployales
Chat Commands:
Chat Commands
/remove [time (seconds)] -- Enable/Disable RemoverTool DEFAULT 60 SECONDS
/remove <help | h> -- View help
NOTE: There is a resource cost to remove building parts, deployables can be picked up without a hammer. You can only remove items/constructions that YOU have placed

Description: Opens up window for you to claim any kits you are entitled to
Chat Commands:
/kit -- see the full list of available kits for you
/kit <name> -- choose a kit

Description: Opens up the shop for you to spend your RP at.
Chat Commands:
TIP: You can purchase Test Generators, costumes, fireworks, and personal quarries here

Auto Doors
Description: Allows you to automatically close doors behind you after a certain amount of time. You can specify individual doors, or even types of doors, all with customizable times.
*NOTE:* /ad <type | t> and /ad <single | s> commands must looking at a door when used
/ad - Enable/Disable automatic door closing
/ad <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for doors (Doors set by 'single' and 'type' are not included).
/ad <all | a> <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for all doors.
/ad <single | s> - Enable/Disable automatic closing of the door you are looking at
/ad <single | s> <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for the door you are looking at
"type" is just a word, not the type of door
/ad <type | t> - Enable/disable automatic door closing for the type of door you are looking at
/ad <type | t> <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for the type of door you are looking at
/ad <help | h> - View help

When Looking at a Garage Door: 
/ad type - Enable/disable auto closing of all garage doors
/ad type 8 - Sets garage door auto closing time to 8 seconds
/ad single 10 - Sets ONLY the garage door you are looking at to auto close after 10 seconds

Description: Adds a backpack for extra storage to your player allowing you to hold even more items.

*NOTE:* Regular players get a 5 slot backpack added on. VIP Players get a 48 slot backpack added on.
VIP ONLY: Toggle collection directly to backpack, and retrieve items from backpack for crafting, building etc.

Chat Commands:
/backpack or / -- Opens BackPack
/backpack.fetch <item short name or id> <amount> -- Fetches an item from your backpack
/backpackui -- Displays help information about how to use the command, as well as the available button positions.
/backpackui <position> (Left | Right | Off)-- Changes your preferred backpack button position. Set to Off to hide the backpack button.

TIP: Backpack can be bound to a hotkey. Simply open console (F1)  - bind <hotkeyHere>   Example: bind y   will bind backpack to Y key


Blueprint Share
Description: Share your blueprints with your teammates easily
All arguments inside <> are required!
All arguments inside [] are optional

/bs help - Displays help message
/bs toggle - Toggles the sharing of blueprints
/bs share <player> - Shares all of your blueprints with the target player
/bs show <sharetype> [friendName] - Shows all the blueprints you have been shared in order of blueprint workbench tier. Share types include: clan, team and friend.

Chest Stacks
Description: Stack chests 3 high to make your storage extra dense.

*Note:* In order to stack the chests, you have the same type of chest selected, and RIGHT CLICK while looking at the placed chest and being near it

Description: Create clans and ally with others!
Chat Commands
/clanhelp - Displays help
/clan - Displays information about your clan
/clan create <tag> - Create a new clan
/clan join <tag> - Join a clan if you have a invite

Clan Member Commands
/clan leave - Leave you current clan
/c <message> - Send a message to all clan members

Clan Moderator Commands
/clan invite <name or ID> - Invite a player to join your clan
/clan withdraw <name or ID> - Cancel a pending invite
/clan kick <name or ID> - Kick a player from your clan

Clan Owner Commands
/clan promote <name or ID> - Promote a clan member to clan moderator
/clan demote <name or ID> - Demote a clan moderator to clan member
/clan disband forever - Disband your clan

Clan Alliance Commands
/clanally invite <tag> - Request an alliance with another clan
/clanally withdraw <tag> - Revoke an alliance invitation with another clan
/clanally accept <tag> - Accept an alliance invite
/clanally reject <tag> - Decline a alliance request
/clanally revoke <tag> - End a clan alliance

/a <message> - Send a message to all clan members and allied clans

Component Box
Description: Adds a toolbox to your inventory that will auto collect and store your components for you. Items can be taken out one at a time by “unwrapping” the box and pulling them out. Or the whole box can be emptied into your inventory by right clicking it.
/toolbox cost - Tells the player the cost to craft a component box
/toolbox craft - Crafts the component box if they have the required materials
/toolbox remove - Manually removes the component box from your inventory and refunds it (configurable)

*NOTE:* Items in component box do not need to be pulled out for crafting/repairs!

Custom Sprays
Description: Custom spray can designs that can be crafted
MVP can also have their own imported
Chat Commands
/cs - Shows help menu with available commands for the player
/cs.craft - Opens the crafting menu

Description: Share cupboard, door, turret, chest and more access with teammates and clan mates
Chat Commands
/share - Opens the share menu for the player running the command
NOTE: Modify your cupboard sharing settings with this command, you can allow or block clan/team members access to your doors, boxes, furnaces etc

Quarry Locks
Description: Allows you to codelock personal quarries that have been placed to protect your diesel and harvested materials.
Chat Commands
/ql - Lock the quarry in view while holding a codelock