3x skins and plugin update

3x Pve/Pvp Zone December 8, 2023

  • Added Lots of new skins 100+ 
  • /BSkin (for VIP-MVP) has been updated and should now not have bugs if there is please #🎫┋create-a-ticket 

US Server Hardware Upgrade / EU Drive Fail

infrastructure December 5, 2023

We have moved all US servers over to new hardware to help with the lag and is closely monitoring for anymore issues 



have a drive error and working with the host to have this fixed for now servers are running we will post a ping in discord when if any Maintance is need.

Halloween Update

3x Pve/Pvp Zone October 25, 2023

We have added new raidable bases and train event for halloween

Also Rust has updated for halloween as well 

backend maintenance

infrastructure October 7, 2023

After a few hours of working on this maintenance, the team identified an issue with the new hardware. While this hardware is being investigated, we have reverted the server change for the time being. All servers are back online at this time.

During this maintenance period, we have made small upgrades to the infrastructure, which will allow the next maintenance period to go much quicker when we make the final switch over to the new hardware. We understand this may be frustrating for players, but please know that we are always trying to make advancements in our server infrastructure.

pvp zone delay fix and dome size

3x Pve/Pvp Zone September 19, 2023

We have fixed pvp zone delay to 60's and adjusted the size of pvp zones this should fix the "line camping" ect